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The biggest SeaHorse community!

At the beginning of the year, a system glitch caused more than seven thousand SeaHorse Warriors to be resurrected.
We are on a mission to empower people to live underwater.
With our NFTs, you'll be able to experience what life is like on the seafloor. You'll also get discounts and access to our exclusive underwater club.

In 2022, a glitch brought 7777 legendary SeaHorse Warriors back to life to rule the Metaverse. They are exceptionally rare and owning one is like walking among the gods.

Legendary for their agility, intelligence and courage, Seahorses have ruled Atlantis since the time of the Mammoths. Legend has it that they were a highly advanced utopian civilization that disappeared to colonize other worlds hiding immense treasures.

The Bad SeaHorses will own some of the best venues in the Metaverse. By owning a SeaHorse,  you will gain access to our underwater Club Atlantis. Enjoy exclusive access to events and experience all the perks & benefits of being part of the SeaHorseArmy! 

Atlantis Club

Only 7777 SeaHorses will ever be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, preserving their majesty in the Multiverse. Are you lucky enough to mint one of the special characters? These SeaHorses are exceptionally rare. To even catch a glimpse of them in the Metaverse is a privilege. Some have the power of invisibility.

The SeaHorse is a type of fish with a body that looks like a horse's head and tail, and lives in the ocean. They are exceptionally rare and some have the power of invisibility.
Get a cybertruck tesla car if you mint the golden Cyber King
The seahorse is a charismatic creature that can be found in every corner of the world's oceans
Whitelist only
0.07 ETH
Every Wallet
0.14 ETH
Whitelist only
0.11 ETH

The art is generated by combining over 250 hand-drawn unique traits. Each attribute represents a special ability.

There are different rarities of SeaHorses. While each of the SeaHorses resembles a unique character, some have their own superpower.

Seahorses are small, cartoonish animals that live in the sea. They're related to sharks, but unlike sharks, they don't have sharp teeth or bones. Some have a tattoo on their skin and some have stripes on their face.
There are many different types of seahorses, but not all of them come from the country of liberty and freedom.
There are different rarities of SeaHorses. You can get a Common SeaHorse, Uncommon SeaHorse, Rare SeaHorse, Legendary SeaHorse and Mythic SeaHorse.
A sea horse is a type of marine fish that lives in saltwater. There are four subspecies of sea horses, and they are classified into five different groups.
SeaHorses come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They spend most of their time under water and only come up for air occasionally to take a deep breath.
The seahorse is a marine fish and the only living species in the genus Hippocampus. They live in slow-moving or still waters throughout the world, including both fresh and salt water lakes and estuaries.
The art is created by combining over 250 different hand drawn unique traits.

You will have access to an exclusive nightclub below the surface! Celebrate together with your friends & explore the surrounding world!

A Meta-Nighclub that will blow your mind!

Hold seven SeaHorses to gain special entry to our underwater nightclub. Imagine being in the middle of the ocean enjoying immersive DJ-sets.

Secure your VIP-Tickets!


The SeaHorseArmy is building an ecosystem of meta-infrastructure in established & emerging metaverses like the Otherside to increase the long-term value of the collection!

Little warriors conquering the Metaverse!


Our digital & physical merchendise does not only look good. It also helps remove carbon from the atmosphere by using carbon-negative hemp as a sustainable material. 

Special Prices for Atlantis Members!

All Holders will get regular airdrops for FREE! We just made a scavenger hunt in our virtual gallery & surprised all the whitelist-holder with a special gift for easter!

Holders receive NFTs, VIP-Tickets & More

VIP Access Special Suprise. All Holders will get regular airdrops for FREE!. We just made a scavenger hunt in our virtual gallery

Win a 



Every SeaHorse was designed by Social Entrepreneur and Artist Emmanuel Samms. With this masterpiece, he showed his savage instincts for detail and quality. 

Emmanuel Samms is an Artist and Social Entrepreneur from India. During his studies in San Francisco, he began working on the Sea Horse Army

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Upcoming NFT art

Meet The Creators

We are building the meta-infrastructure that will power the future of human society. Our goal is to realize the potential of blockchain technology and decentralization for all humans.


Jon Doe

Digital artist and future thinker who already performed his art around the globe.

The SeaHorseArmy is building an ecosystem of meta-infrastructure metaverse for the human species. The SeaHorseArmy is a decentralized world that seeks to establish a new paradigm of self-sustainability and autonomous

Giulio Cesare

Jane Doe

Strategic Investor in real-estate & growth stocks. Could be a comedian based on his everyday-struggles.

A metaverse is a computer-generated 3D interactive virtual universe that can be navigated by users. The SeaHorseArmy is creating a metaverse, or Atlantis Metaverse to call it, where one can explore and participate

James Doe

Smart Contract Developer & Fulbright scholar who went deep into the rabbit hole of crypto.


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